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成長とともに進化し続けてきた線が2013年、まるで別の生き物のようにJUNICHIの手をかりて自由に増殖を始めた。9月東京下北沢smart shipギャラリーの個展「with loves,」では、これまでずっとテーマとして描いてきた天使の姿が消えた。しかし代わりに、エネルギーあふれる植物が登場してきた。



The line that is created by artist hand changes recently. In 2013, Junichi's line evolves. Junichi always drew an angel, but in Tokyo exhibition, he doesn't creat them. Junichi starts drawing energetic natures.

NYであいの記憶 「 絵を描く人」とよばれて。






After I back from NY, I want to draw people who I met in NY. They usually greet with me in NY.It's been 5 years since last NY. I visited NY many times, but I don't get tired of walking NY. While staying, I draw, draw and draw. One day, a old-lady call me "draw-man". They wanted my works, so I present Starbucks coffee cup with my design. They looks so happy. I was glad to see their reaction.I create art works about NY and people who I met in NY.

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