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I was born in September 1989,When I was six,I began drawing while I was visiting New York,I was inspired by the Statue of Liberty.At ten,my first book was published,and I had an exihibitions in Tokyo,Japan.Since then,I have had exhibitions all around Japan.When I was twelve,I had an exhibition in New York City.and I think it was well received, In February 2002,I was invited as a young artist to a welcoming reception for U.S.President Bush held at the official house of Japan's Prime Minister.I give him my book as a present.adding messages of peace for him,When I was fifteen,I was selected to serve as the official artist for the Special Winter Olympics held in February 2005,And I've been continuing to work as an artist. Since 2001, I have drawn poster for Osaka International Ladies Marathon. In 2012, I joined Japan-Korea friendship art exhibition "ICAFE". I draw main visual for Odakyu department's valentine fair for 10 years. As same time, I exhibited new art works titled "I LOVE YOU -confession- ". I've been holding peace exhibitions,creating art for print and TV ads,making animation pieces that focus on the environment,and illustrating CD covers,Currently I live in Japan's Hyogo prefecture.



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