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1月27日(wed)-2月9日(tue)新宿小田急百貨店、本館10階美術画廊の一角に春のようにカラフルなJUNICHI作品が久しぶりに登場。2013年にJUNICHI個展を開催した新宿小田急百貨店美術画廊のコーナーにバレンタインらしい作品が並ぶ。今回はオリジナル限定版画(ジグレー)作品と新作ポストカード、カジュアルに飾って楽しめるポスター、大人のぬりえ本「JUNICHI DRAWING+YOU」も販売。


Junichi's new works are viewed in Odakyu department in Shinjuku on Jan 27th to Feb 9th. You can see works that image St Valentine like a Junichi's works in 2013. this time, there are original works, new postcard, poster and coloring book for adult "JUNICHI DRAWING+YOU".

please enjoy seeing my works, it's ok to buy it. gallery is in over the sotre "STORYSTORY". St Valentine has come. I think that gifting works for your lover is nice. this picture is Junichi's new work "rose". Junichi's angels are waiting you at Shinjuku.


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